Perhaps you have lived in an apartment or stayed in a motel and outside your window you find yourself staring into a huge billboard or some flashing neon sign. Instead of gazing out at the branches of a lovely tree or viewing a charming sidewalk you are visually blindsided by this type of pollution. Many [...]

I just finished a conversation with my brother who moved to San Carlos about six months ago. He captured wonderfully the reason why so many expatriates love the San Carlos experience. San Carlos is a smaller town and almost every amenity is within a 3-minute drive…perhaps 5 minutes if you live out near Marina Real. [...]

Real Estate Comparables

Most seasoned real estate buyers are familiar with “comps” short for “Comparables” utilized in the US and Canada. These comparables are derived from multiple listing services, which keep track of prices of a properties original listing price and the actual sales price. Comparables help a realtor to ascertain the appropriate value for their client’s homes. [...]

Sep 072009

A new small shopping mall was completed recently and after 5 months it still sits mostly vacant. The economy certainly has something to do with that however, there are some things that can be done to create more curb appeal for this project. The architecture is very modern in style and the project sits at [...]

Sep 012009