Sep 012009

At first glance most people believe that interior design is about furniture layout, selection, and paint colors. And, it is true that those are a few of the many details that are taken into consideration when designing your home. However, even before you begin that process it is important to take a look at your life and design your life. What we see as our outer world is really a reflection of what we hold inside ourselves…in our mind and hearts. If you are looking at your house and noticing lots of clutter it’s a good sign that maybe you might want to look at doing some interior decluttering. What do you need to let go of from the past? What is holding you back from living your life free of clutter and open to new adventures? Once you get your life design underway you will likely see a new reflection in your home and surroundings. Interior design is about bringing forth your visions and dreams and good design begins with clarity.

This clarity occurred with a San Carlos client that wanted to declutter their seaside home. They have been retired for several years and like many of us have accumulated many mementos and other things that were starting to take over their home. They wanted help “letting go” of these things that were no longer necessary in their more simplified and easygoing life style. Step by step and box by box we sorted out what items they were ready to let go of and what mementos could be displayed in such a way that they could enjoy them. The end result is a home that feels more open and fresh and with a renewed energy. This very energetic couple now lives in a home that reflects their life design.