Sep 072009

A new small shopping mall was completed recently and after 5 months it still sits mostly vacant. The economy certainly has something to do with that however, there are some things that can be done to create more curb appeal for this project.

The architecture is very modern in style and the project sits at the back edge of the property with a large parking lot in front. The structure is very rectilinear and the colors chosen for the exterior are primary and rather harsh. This harshness does not encourage energy that would attract future tenants to stop by when in fact, with a few changes that could change overnight.

The key to adding energy and creating a project that people want to visit is by adding plant life. Altering the huge parking lot to carve out a few areas for flowering trees or even desert friendly mesquite would go a long way towards breaking up the large expanse of concrete. Closer to the building the addition of vines, or bougainvillea would soften the stark and cold feel that is now expressed.

Curb appeal is a major consideration for all buildings, whether a home, an office building, or a small shopping mall. And changes such as paint color and landscaping can make a big difference. And these changes do not have to be expensive if you are using a creative eye.