mexican-real-estate-comparablesMost seasoned real estate buyers are familiar with “comps” short for
“Comparables” utilized in the US and Canada. These comparables are derived from multiple listing services, which keep track of prices of a properties original listing price and the actual sales price. Comparables help a realtor to ascertain the appropriate value for their client’s homes.

What you may not know is that San Carlos has a multiple listing service (MLS) and this has been in place since 2007. Click here to view. This is of great benefit to all parties involved in the real estate process. Realtors are able to access this information to help both buyers and sellers obtain data on current property listings, recent sales, etc.

However, there is more that goes into pricing a home than just what our MLS data has to tell us. For example, I have clients with a new construction home in Vista Marina. Vista Marina is among the top 3 most exclusive neighborhoods with views of the Sea of Cortez, Marina Real, and the gorgeous mountains that ring San Carlos. When preparing the Comparable Analysis for these clients I had to also take into account other factors than say just the square footage for example. Another home in the same development had a similar square footage however; the other home also had three flights of stairs whereas my client’s home is one level. Single story homes are highly regarded for convenience and ease of livability. So, the fact that this home is a single story home adds value and must be taken into account when ascertaining a price for the seller’s property. The MLS is a great starting point and then it is time for an experienced realtor to assist with valuing the other factors that go into an accurate price.