I woke up this morning in one of those moods. You know the one I’m talking about. You feel uninspired, lack energy, and are generally in a blah state of mind. After almost tripping over a piece of Pilates exercise equipment in my bedroom I decided it was time to make some changes and rearrange [...]

Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead

Many people are aware of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, which is celebrated in Mexico however, an interesting fact that I did not realize was that this was a ritual practiced by the indigenous people prior to the arrival of the Conquistadors.   As with most pagan rituals the Catholic Spaniards tried [...]

Mexico travel vacation ideas improve: Sonora Coastal Highway

Land development is paving the road for travelers in Mexico once again as Government Officials recently announce a whopping 5 Billion MXP 2010 infrastructure budget. The Sonora Coastal Highway which at one time seemed like a desert mirage is now, years later, becoming a reality. The multiphase road project is somewhat modeled after California’s beautiful [...]

New Sonora Governor, Guillermo Padres attends Maquiladora Industry Summit in San Carlos, Mexico

The real estate offering of Guaymas, Empalme and San Carlos never ceases to astonish me with regard to it’s growth capacity.  Not only does Guaymas boast a world class commercial port, railroad connection and international airport, but it is also home to “The Offshore Group“, a Mexican Top 10 Ranking Maquiladora Employer. The Offshore Group [...]

Cost of Living Comparison

I am often asked about the cost of living in Mexico, in particular San Carlos. I thought the best way to explain this is by comparing the cost of living to an ocean side community in the United States. If we are going to make this a true comparable it needs to be a community [...]

Oct 202009

Nestled against the hills of the Vista Marina neighborhood rests La Jolla, the Jewel. This charming new home has all the luxury appointments that are a standard of Vista Marina living. The only attributes more alluring than the interior amenities are the excellent views. Views of the Sea of Cortez, Marina Real, the sandy white [...]

Oct 202009

The ocean views at Vista Marina are one of the many attractions of this exclusive San Carlos development. Views of the rugged mountains as they meet the sea offer a lovely contrast and, languishing among all of this natural beauty rests Casa de Angeles. This home spans a 17,000 square foot lot, which provided the [...]

Oct 192009
Plastic Bag Ban

Living near the beautiful Sea of Cortez and all of her wondrous sea life a person becomes particularly aware of the effects we humans have on the environment. One of the most dangerous pollutants is the plastic bags they hand out at the grocery stores. It is with great pleasure that I attach the link [...]

Oct 152009

El Tesoro, the treasure is the perfect name for this charming home within the gated golf course community of The Royal. The Royal is the finest in-town address of San Carlos with amenities such as dining and restaurants close at hand. You have the benefit of living with tranquil golf course views and yet are [...]

Oct 092009
Design & Happiness

What’s design got to do with it? Everything! It doesn’t matter if you live in a mansion or a 400 square foot studio apartment as long as your home and space reflect what is important to you and your personality.