Oct 022009

This might be an odd thing to say for a person who lives full time in Mexico however; the truth is I am not really fond of Mexican cuisine. I mean I like it in small doses and it is probably more of an issue of liking what is familiar. And, in fairness to Mexican cuisine, Mexico City was recently ranked #10 top for best food in the world!

To be honest, I have always been a picky eater but also I became very spoiled living in San Francisco. In a city that is 14 square miles there are 3500 restaurants, and if your food is not good you won’t be open for long.

We have all been asked the question at one time or another “if you were stranded on a deserted island…” Well, if I were asked what type of food I would want I would have to say either French or continental. Fortunately, here in San Carlos there are an abundance of restaurants with varied cuisines.

La Conquista is our latest addition to the culinary scene and I love their goat cheese salad with slices of fresh strawberries and kiwi. My favorite entrée is the cornish game hen with a creamy asparagus mustard sauce. Top it off with chocolate mousse for desert and I am in heaven.

Ruby’s Wine Bar is a stylish little bistro overlooking the San Carlos Marina. They offer a nice selection of small plates such as a fruit and cheese plate and my personal favorite is the bruschetta.

Piccolo’s and Joey’s Bistro at the San Carlos Plaza Hotel both offer excellent pasta dishes. Blackie’s also has an excellent fettuccini alfredo however, the raspberry chicken breast with brie is my favorite. It is so rich that you do not need desert afterwards!

Once you venture to Hermosillo, Obregon, and Alamos the food options flower even more. How lucky am I? I live in a lovely ocean side community and I am still able to get some small tastes of San Francisco! Que bueno!