Oct 092009

design-happinessWhat’s design got to do with it? Everything! It doesn’t matter if you live in a mansion or a 400 square foot studio apartment as long as your home and space reflect what is important to you and your personality.

With the recent world economic turmoil many people have taken a closer look at their lives and finding that the lives they were leading weren’t really authentic to their nature. On closer inspection we might have realized that we were living lives because we “thought” that is what would make us happy or, perhaps we just bought into the marketing myths. Many studies tell us that money does not buy happiness and yet we also realize that the lack of money doesn’t buy happiness either.

Sages & gurus throughout our history have deemed “detachment” as a key to happiness and I believe that many of us are coming to realize first hand this wisdom. We have learned through these times that the mansion perhaps didn’t generate happiness in our lives after all. Maybe the little ranch home we are now living in is much more relaxing and enjoyable. Maybe the little studio apartment you vacated for the mansion is more to your taste and personality. The key is to find what suits you and if it suits you for the right reasons. If we make purchasing decisions about material objects for the sake of impressing others or as a means to fill a void within us we will surely be disappointed. If we make our decisions based on a reflection of our core values and our true personality then our inner world is reflected in our environment. The design of our home and it’s interior will reflect who we are, what we believe in, and what is most important to our lives.