The real estate offering of Guaymas, Empalme and San Carlos never ceases to astonish me with regard to it’s growth capacity.  Not only does Guaymas boast a world class commercial port, railroad connection and international airport, but it is also home to “The Offshore Group“, a Mexican Top 10 Ranking Maquiladora Employer.Guillermo Padres, New Sonora

The Offshore Group is big!  They employee thousands of workers in Guaymas, Empalme, and San Carlos and they contribute to our local economy in a big way as well.  I rent a home to one these manufacturers that use it for entertaining and housing for their consultants, support staff and visitors.  Because this house is next door to my personal residence, I may have a company representative from Tucson as a neighbor living next door to me one week and a chap from Scotland enjoying tequila the next!  What started as a building project to experience Mexican Home Construction, and my quasi “interior design” showcase; soon turned into a steady source of rental income.

I find great pleasure in knowing that San Carlos is home to this summit and although I didn’t have the pleasure of personally attending this meeting, I was able to obtain official source confirmation that “Development, innovation, competitiveness, competence, growth, and sustainability are high relevance terms for the developmental growth of this New Sonora”.

Governor Padres while in San Carlos also insisted before these top ranking executives & representatives of these manufacturing firms, contemplating Mexico investments, that they are on firm ground with his new government; which vows to bring home a new work model all based on these pillars of excellence.

Guillermo Padres is an impressive man, having been the first PAN Party Politician to topple the PRI’s 70 year+ Sonora Government reign.  He won the confidence of voters across the State, with aligning key party wins in Nogales, Hermosillo, Cajeme (Cd. Obregon), Guaymas and a total of 38 other municipalities.  He now explains how beneficial his Presidential contact with President Calderon will be and publicly announced a recent 154 million dollar (2 MDP) Federal budget increase request for Sonora.

With Rolls Royce just 11 months ago confirming their move to this area, I’m applauding this summit and eager to see who the next new neighbors will be !