Golfing Mexico Style

It might seem odd to some people that I live on a golf course and yet, I do not play golf but there it is! I have tried golfing before to be a good sport for a previous husband, you note I said previous. It’s a game that, in spite of my Scottish roots, makes [...]

Nov 132009
Building in Mexico

When I tell people that I have built two homes in San Carlos a conversation usually ensues that involves questions about what it is like to build in Mexico and how much it costs.  I am familiar with building and remodeling in the U.S. and Canada and I have found some things similar and others very [...]

When you drive the cobble stone lanes of the Caracol in San Carlos, Sonora you are reminded of the hillside communities of Greece or Italy.  The hills are dotted with colorful homes drenched with bougainvillea.  Within a few feet of the secluded beach of the Caracol peninsula are two adjoining lots that are ready for [...]

Hotel Playa de Cortes

When friends and family come to visit me in San Carlos for the first time, I take them on a tour of the area. The tour includes many points of interest in both San Carlos and Guaymas, and one of my favorite locations to share with them is the Hotel Playa de Cortes. The Southern [...]

Spring Cleaning in November

I love this time of year in San Carlos; when summer’s humidity has evaporated and we open our doors and windows and let the cooler and more temperate breezes flow through our homes. It is also a time of year that many of us do our spring-cleaning and prepare for our winter dinner parties, the [...]

Although the apartments and condos in San Carlos tend to be much larger than the Parisian flat shown in this youtube video, it is a charming reminder of what is possible!  Enjoy this classic film clip!

This is such a lovely video that I had to share it with you.  Most of us have so many blessings in our lives and yet we seem to forget those blessings.  I live in San Carlos which is a little slice of paradise in Mexico.  I am surrounded by neighbors who I now call [...]

Guillermo Padrés Elias, the New Sonoran Governor has announced his major cabinet appointments.  We wish him and his cabinet members well and much success as they continue to make Sonora the best State in Mexico!

I had lunch recently with a gentleman from San Francisco who has chosen to make San Carlos his new home.  He is a fascinating person and has lived an interesting and adventuresome life.  Beginning with his 20 years as a Navy fighter pilot, to Los Angeles restaurateur, to columnist, his travels are broad and rich.  [...]

Along with many others, the book, “Under the Tuscan Sun,” written by an expat from San Francisco who moves to Italy and restores an old villa, charmed me.  I can relate to her story because of my own similar experience however, my expat adventure takes place in Mexico.  Truly, simply replacing the names could retell [...]