San Carlos Spring CleaningI love this time of year in San Carlos; when summer’s humidity has evaporated and we open our doors and windows and let the cooler and more temperate breezes flow through our homes. It is also a time of year that many of us do our spring-cleaning and prepare for our winter dinner parties, the holiday season, and visiting guests.

The interior cleaning makes way for yard cleaning and the local government becomes very involved in getting the roadways cleaned of debris and grasses that have grown during the summer monsoon season. Trees are trimmed…weeds are plucked…and a general “sprucing up” takes place all over town. It’s as if people are so happy to be out of doors again after the summer’s heat that they want to share that excitement with homeowners that are getting ready for their return to San Carlos for the season. San Carlos takes on a very festive atmosphere and you can feel the vitality and energy in the air.

As I was driving to Guaymas today I noticed large clean-up crews on the main boulevard and the scenic route that follows the estuary. This was a much larger group than is normal and I stopped to ask them about their project. They said there were 200 in their group and the federal government had hired them for a 45-day period. Their focus was roadside clean up along the main streets in Guaymas and San Carlos. Returning residents will be even more pleased than usual as they enter San Carlos this year because our little town has never looked better!


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