Golfing the San Carlos WayIt might seem odd to some people that I live on a golf course and yet, I do not play golf but there it is!

I have tried golfing before to be a good sport for a previous husband, you note I said previous. It’s a game that, in spite of my Scottish roots, makes no sense to me. However, I am happy to see the smiling golfers as they swing by my house, which overlooks the 16th fairway. They seem to be especially joyous during tournaments when the drinks cart is motoring nearby.

The San Carlos golf club is a bit different than most due to the quirky nature of the wildlife to be seen on occasion. Although I found it quite charming the other morning to see about seven horses contentedly grazing away, I am sure the souvenirs they left behind did not please some golfers. However, this being the easy-going small Mexican town that it is most Type A personalities don’t linger for long.

Most people in San Carlos overlook a few unpleasantries because there are so many lovely traits to capture your attention. With the gentle breeze from the Sea of Cortez, the rugged mountain views, and a beautiful clubhouse on the 19th hole awaiting you why worry? So, the next time you are visiting Sonora be sure and book a tee time for the San Carlos golf course. I’ll give you a shout as you pass by!