A friend sent me an email today asking if I wanted to go see a new movie that what just released.  Going to the movies is not an unusual event however, what makes this special is that the movie theatre is only about a 10 minute drive from my home in San Carlos, Sonora.  The movie theater shows “first run” movies, which means they are in English with Spanish subtitles.  My Spanish is fairly good for day to day conversation however, watching a movie in Spanish would not be nearly as rewarding as watching it in English. 

Having a movie theater nearby is just one of the many conveniences that we enjoy in San Carlos that make for an easy lifestyle.  Guests are often amazed that I am able to watch the Arizona nightly news via Satellite.  This allows me to keep up with my favorite television shows and stay up to date on current issues in the U.S. 

My wireless connection gives me the opportunity to sit on my patio overlooking the golf course with my laptop and check emails.    A vonage phone allows me to stay in touch with family in the States and in Canada.  Other people I know use either Magic Jack or Skype to stay in touch.  Many of my friends here either have iPhones or Blackberry’s and can check emails while having lunch at a beachside restaurant. 

Beyond the technology benefits of living here in Sonora, I have fabulous restaurants within moments of my golf course home.  In fact, within a 2 minute drive I have an OXXO, which is a 24/7 version of 7-11, a bowling alley, pharmacy, furniture store, gift store, gas station, scooter rental shop, bakery, doctor’s office, dental office, insurance agency, Subway sandwich shop, manicurist and beauty salon, copy shop, coffee shop that has awesome cinnamon rolls, computer repair store, post office, and the list goes on and on. 

All of these conveniences along with two world class Marina’s, nearby airports, bus transportation, cab services all add up to one amazing community that makes for easy living.

Add to all this the fact that you are able to get quality help for your home, garden, and any sort of repair work well, let’s just say I’m pretty comfortable with all the modern conveniences and my San Carlos lifestyle!