Founded in 1681 this “Pueblo Magico” is enchanting from the moment you trod upon the cobblestone streets.  Alamos provides all of the historical character and architectural interest of other Spanish Colonial cities in Mexico however, this Colonial Gem of the Sierra Madre is within an easy day’s drive of Tucson, Arizona.  Restored Spanish courtyard homes line the streets that lead to the Zocolo and the 17th c. La Parroquia de la Purisima Concepcion Church.

Approximately 13,000 people call Alamos home and these residents welcome thousands of visitors every year to the annual Music Festival named after native-born singer, Dr. Alfonso Ortiz Tirado.   From January 22-30, 2010 world-renowned musicians, singers, and dancers entertain guests from  Mexico, Europe, and the United States.

Colonial Gem

Pianists to symphony orchestras supply music that appeals to everyone’s tastes and numerous other cultural activities provide entertainment while waiting for the next concert to begin.

Be careful when visiting Alamos because her charm is quite powerful.  Many expats who now reside in this historical city will tell you that they bought homes on their first visit.  So, if you are not of a spontaneous nature you might want to leave your checkbook at home.  Buen Viaje!