Changing the ConversationWhether we want to believe it or not, many things that happen in life are out of our control.   The worldwide outbreak of the swine flu, the worldwide economic slowdown, and various wars that rage across the world are situations where we have little control.
What we can control is our attitude and the conversations we have as we go about our day in the world.  When we change the conversation we make a choice to focus our attention on what we can change…. our attitude and figuring out what we can do to move forward in our lives to better ourselves, our situation, and in doing so…making a positive impact on those around us.
Changing the conversation does not mean that we ignore the facts that exist in the world.  It means that we make the choice not to let these things rule our lives.  We make a choice not to continue to sound like a version of the nightly news and live in fear and negativity.   We decide to change the conversation and live in the world that exists with all of it’s imperfections, tragedies, and uncertainties.  We make a choice to live with the bad and move towards the good by making positive and constructive changes within our power.  This benefits you, your family & neighbors, and the world at large.
So, what are we waiting for?  Let’s change the conversation!