When you are visiting San Carlos, Sonora there is no doubt that you will find your way to Sagitario, a unique and colorful store full of Mexican crafts, glassware, and clothing. 

The first thing you will notice about this store is the enchanting architecture.  Originally built as a private residence for architect Herman Robledo and his new bride, owner Terry Gonzales eventually converted this space into the shop that now houses the many treasures she seeks out in the far reaches of Mexico. 

Terry found her way to San Carlos after moving from Los Angeles with her husband and three young children back in the mid-60’s.  Her husband was under contract for a one-year project working for a developer with plans for a hotel at the San Carlos Marina.  That project went by the wayside however; this was the start of a very prolific era for the young couple. 

Their first project was building the Fiesta Hotel in 1973, which is still an oceanside favorite today.  Construction on their next project, Triana condominiums began in 1974 next door to the Fiesta property.  They wrapped up their construction endeavors with the Pilar Condominiums, which edge the Sea of Cortez halfway between San Carlos and Guaymas. 

During construction of Triana, Terry opened her first gift shop on the project site.  From friendships she had in Lake Chapala she learned the ropes of seeking out the creative and fun Mexican crafts that fill her store. 

The next time you are in need of a gift, souvenir, or something for yourself be sure and stop by and see Terry and her daughter Pilar.  There is no doubt that with the assortment of pewter, glassware, ceramics, clothing, and jewelry, you will find just what you are looking for!