I love being the hostess to friends and family in my San Carlos home.  I especially like it because I can easily get the help I need and any party supplies that might be required. 

My recent Christmas party plans began with a meeting with local Chef and caterer, Paulino to get on his calendar.  He is in demand as he often caters the larger weddings (500 people plus) in Obregon and Hermosillo, Sonora.  Paulino is fabulous and serves up 5-star quality menu items for  sit down formal dinners to a more casual buffet style event. 

After securing Paulino’s commitment I was off to Guaymas to one of the many event planning stores where you can rent tables, table cloths, chairs, chair covers, and almost anything else you might need for your party.  After agreeing on a delivery date for the furniture I was then off to the florists. 

Paty’s is an excellent florist in Guaymas and I love the ability to go into the back work area and create my own arrangements with the helpers.  These young men are super creative and very helpful. 

Guaymas has a year-round market place and you can find anything here from bird food to clothing.  This is where I headed to buy the napkins, plates, and other service items needed for my annual Christmas Tree Trimming party.  Nearby is the liquor store where I was able to order wine, spirits, soft drinks and mixers for the bar. 

My annual party was a smashing success in large part due to the availability of great help and every party item you can imagine.  Knowing that Paulino was taking care of the food and the bartender was tending the bar I was able to relax and enjoy the party myself.  Now that’s the kind of party I like!