The name of Maria’s Pizza Restaurant is rather deceiving because her menu offers a lot more than just pizza!  In fact, if you have a craving for a true American style home cooked meal this is the place to visit when you are in San Carlos, Sonora.  From biscuits and gravy, to eggs and grits, Maria has you covered right down to the ingredients she buys in the US for that authentic flavor.

Until five years ago Maria and her husband Richard, owned and operated a chain of 28 restaurants called “Little Italy” in Kentucky, Indiana, & Illinois.  Under doctor’s orders they made a move to San Carlos to enjoy their retirement and for Richard to tend to his health.  Once you meet Maria you will learn quick enough that she is not the sort that would retire well.  She is always on the move and that is what led to Maria’s Pizza.  Lucky for us, she just couldn’t sit still and told her husband she was going to start her own small restaurant in San Carlos. 

Maria likes to serve what many of us refer to as “comfort food.”  Meatloaf, chicken fried steak, chicken potpies, and fried chicken will make any hungry diner feel right at home.  For breakfast she cooks up bacon and eggs, pancakes, French toast, and the best homemade biscuits you’ve had since your grandmother made them.  And, of course there is the pizza!  Many people order ahead and stop by and pick up pizzas for lunch, dinner or for a football game.

While Maria is busy at the restaurant, Richard can usually be found nearby engaging a customer in some rousing conversation.  Topics run the gamut and when the next customer walks in the door the conversation can change quickly.  All conversations usually consist of considerable laughter and that is one of the reasons I am a regular at Maria’s.  They are kindhearted people who provide excellent food and great service.

While Maria opened her restaurant, Richard was able to tend to his health.  He became acquainted with Dr. Sanchez in Guaymas and under his care his health has been restored!  He credits the doctor (they still make house calls in Mexico), the stress free lifestyle, and the clean environment of San Carlos to his improved health. 

The next time you are in San Carlos and you want some good old fashioned comfort food and friendly conversation, be sure and stop by Maria’s Pizza!