As a duel citizen of the United States and Canada I have spent many years (no I won’t tell you how many) in both countries.   Many years ago (still not telling) my Canadian father and American mother bought a hunting and fishing lodge at Chilko Lake in British Columbia.  We spent our summers working at the lodge and engaged in correspondence courses in the fall before returning to Oregon for the winter.  My sister now owns and operates the fishing lodge and I have a cozy little log cabin on the property that I enjoy whenever possible.

When I moved to Mexico I discovered that there were as many Canadians calling Mexico home, as there were Americans.  This should not have been a big surprise because it seems as if everyone is searching for warm weather winter climates.

I have met many Canadians from the western provinces since moving full time to Mexico.  In San Carlos, Sonora at least 40% of the expat population is from Canada.   Last year when my sister was visiting we ran into someone she knew from the town of Tatla Lake, B.C.  If you consider that Tatla Lake has a population of about 50 people and is about 60 kilometers from my sister’s lodge you understand the surprise we experienced.  I find that happens quite often here however, it must be that like minds find like destinations. 

Having lived and worked in both the United States and Canada I can attest to the fact that there are definite differences between the two countries.  One thing we all have in common however, is our love of Mexico, the Mexican lifestyle, and the fabulous weather.  So, when you are looking for a Mexican paradise to escape to from the chilly Canadian winters head to San Carlos.  We’ll leave the light on for you!