How many times have we “signed over our life?”  I’m referring of course to what we say as we sign the mortgage loan papers on a home purchase.  I’ve done it many times myself and I can honestly say I will never do it again. How can I make such a statement with such confidence?  Because I’m mortgage free in Mexico and I love it!

Unless a seller will finance a loan you can expect to pay cash for a Mexican home.  In order to do this it might be necessary to cash in some stock or dip into your 401K or IRA however, trust me…it’s worth it.  Check with your accountant because IRS rules allow for an IRA penalty free withdrawal for a Mexican home purchase.

Not only are you mortgage free in Mexico, your property taxes are much, much lower than in the U.S. or Canada.  For example, the annual property taxes on a home appraised at 250K in Arizona and California would be approximately $3,250 USD per year.  That same home would be taxed at approximately $200 USD per year in San Carlos, Sonora.  This all adds up to lower monthly overhead which equals less stress, more peace of mind and that means better quality of life!  Plus, you have the added benefit of desert living on the Sea of Cortez!

Every expat that currently calls Mexico home and is living the Mexican dream started with a plan.  So, get out your pencil and paper and start making your own plan.  Remember, life is not a dress rehearsal…this is it!

So, stop dreaming about living and start living the dream.  Hasta pronto!


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