Feb 132010

Have you ever traveled to a foreign country and bought property on the third day of your visit?  Well, I have…and not just once but twice!  Both of these spontaneous acts occurred in Sonora, Mexico:  lovely, beautiful, theatrical Mexico. 

My first adventure began during a week long vacation to Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.  The Spanish Colonial architecture of this small historical village captivated me.  Mix in ringing church bells, the clip clop of horses as they passed the hotel, bougainvillea climbing ancient walls, and dozens of other details and I simply fell in love…a love so profound that three days into our vacation we bought an 18th century Spanish Colonial home! 

The winters spent in Alamos were delightful and with such a heavy social calendar that a day planner became necessary.  Expatriate communities tend to be full of dinner parties, various clubs, and numerous other activities.  New acquaintances easily become friends and your days fill quickly with shared interests with other like-minded adventure seekers. 

Like all restless spirits, after several years I started to yearn for a new adventure.  My next spontaneous purchase was in the nature rich Sea of Cortez community of San Carlos, Sonora.    This time I purchased a lot and proceeded to  design and build “Casa de Vida Nueva”, House of New Life.  I furnished my home with Spanish elements that charmed me in Alamos.  I then purchased the lot next-door and created el Tesoro, The Treasure.  I love design and the process of creating ideas that flower into homes that will be enjoyed and cherished. 

San Carlos is a coastal city on the Sea of Cortez with the added blessing of rugged mountains and desert landscape, which greets the sea.  The contrast Mother Nature has provided in this area is stunningly gorgeous and she offers many activities and all variety of ocean sports.  

Although San Carlos is a small expat community of about 7,500 Canadians and Americans she has a big town attitude.  Fabulous new restaurants and bistros are opening which appease my desire for fine dining and entertainment.  Living in San Francisco for several years spoiled me and restaurants such as La Conquisita, Ruby’s Wine Bar, and La Esquina have added a new spark to our food scene.  The piano player, white table linens, and excellent service also make  Blackie’s Steak House a favorite.  I have had many champagne celebration dinners at Blackie’s and Armando is no doubt the best bartender in town. 

When I get the urge for some retail therapy I head one hour North to Hermosillo and visit Liverpool’s.  Liverpool’s is a cross between Macy’s and Nordstrom’s and is a fabulous department store.  Lunch at el Marcos Restaurant and a quick visit to Starbucks before heading home rounds out a lovely shopping day. 

Life in Mexico is always interesting and you never know when you wake in the morning what new adventures await.    The people in Mexico offer a friendliness and civility that adds so much warmth to each day.  They are easygoing and always eager to help with whatever you might need. 

Life in Mexico continues to unfold before me in beautiful and enchanting ways.  As Joseph Campbell once stated “the privilege of a lifetime is being yourself,” and I am “finding myself” here in Sonora, Mexico!


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