Last spring my heart was yearning to share love and the object of my affection arrived in the form of a Mexican rescue puppy.  I turned on my laptop one morning and saw an ad on our local community board for “Tidbit.”  Needless to say, I fell in love immediately and called the people that rescued this little angel.

Mary and her daughter Gracie are the sweetest dog loving people I have ever met.  They are always rescuing local dogs that have been abandoned and take on the task of restoring their health and finding these animals loving homes.  Tidbit had been found alone and near death in downtown Guaymas and they were in the process of getting her “adoption ready”.  We arranged to meet and after seeing Tidbit in person I was hooked! 

I had adopted Tidbit just a few weeks prior to a planned vacation to my home at Chilko Lake, British Columbia.  So, Tidbit and I began our life together by boarding a 747 out of Phoenix, Arizona bound for Vancouver, B.C. 

Many of us have adopted abandoned dogs and we know the joy they add to our lives.  Tidbit also became my muse and inspiration for a children’s book about her adventures to Canada.  Since Tidbit is Mexican I of course wrote the book in English and Spanish! 

I was able to meet the most brilliant illustrator in Guaymas, a young man named Marko Luna.  Marko lives here in Sonora but, he spends a lot of time in Mexico City utilizing his graphic  design talents for movies and other projects.  I was fortunate enough to make his acquaintance and he agreed to create the illustrations for the book, Tidbit’s Adventures. 

Although we never know where our source of inspiration will spring from in this case, she came in the form of a little puppy named Tidbit!


3 Responses to “Tidbit, My Mexican Muse”

  1. I'm so excited about this project! Felicidades! Tidbit couldn't have found a better mommy than you, Janey. It's our privilege to have met you and become friends via Tidbit.
    Love, Mary & Gracie

  2. What a lovely intro. I can hardly wait for the book to come out. I am already thinking “gift” for several of may pet-loving friends!

  3. Hola Janey,

    I'm very impressed. The book looks great! Que chido!

    Keep in touch,