As a designer I am very aware of all things visual.  One of my favorite network television channels is HGTV, Home & Garden Television.  I watched a show the other night called Curb Appeal:  The Block. 

Curb appeal is something I am very interested in because I live in a Mexican resort community on the Sea of Cortez.   San Carlos, Sonora caters to tourists as well as many expats and I pay close attention to the curb appeal of our Oceanside city. 

The program I watched recently  stated a well-known fact, which is that one house or business on a block that has poor curb appeal affects all the others.  Many of us have driven through neighborhoods where most of the homes are well tended.  Then you come across a home that sticks out because it appears neglected; perhaps the paint is peeling, or the yard is full of weeds.

It is also a well-known fact that if you improve the curb appeal of a home or business it raises the values of all the others in the community.  The importance of good curb appeal is not rocket science.  We have all driven through upscale neighborhoods and have commented on their beauty.  That beauty and attraction comes from taking care of issues related to curb appeal. 

So, when you are designing the interior of your home, business, or city center do not forget the exterior curb appeal; this is what provides visitors with the first impression of who you are and what you have to offer.  The next time you walk out of your home, office, or drive through the streets of your city take a moment to note what you are presenting to those around you through your own curb appeal!


2 Responses to “Curb Appeal: The Block”

  1. Thanks for watching the show Janey! ;)
    didn't think I'd see this did you! Someone sent me a link!
    Sounds like you live in a lovely place… Enjoy!

  2. Yes, San Carlos is a lovely place and I'm so glad you read the article! Your show is fantastic!