The new Sonoran Governor Padres is starting out his term focusing on the most important issue in Sonora…water!  I had the pleasure of attending the governor’s presentation in Guaymas yesterday where he revealed his plan to address the water issues for the State of Sonora. 

He said that because Sonora consists mostly of desert areas it is critical that we rebuild our water infrastructure to capture, treat, and distribute water to serve our needs for today and the future.   Without water there is no growth and you cannot prosper, was a strong theme of his presentation.

The Governor said that 3-times as much water is lost due to poor water management than to actual use.  His proposal consists of several infrastructure upgrades as well as new solutions for addressing this important issue.  The projects he discussed included the following:  approximately 20 damns constructed across the state, desalination plants in three areas including one in Guaymas, and pipelines to be replaced in many areas to ensure that water is not lost through poor quality infrastructure. 

Governor Padres said that the next step in this process is sending the projects out for public bid.  Money for these projects will be funded from various sources including the federal government, state government, local government, and outside investments. 

This is great news for Sonora and we are fortunate to have leadership that is addressing this issue and taking concrete steps for the benefit of our state now and in the future.  Viva Sonora!