As I approach the elaborate front doors of “Casa de Urbanos” I need to step over a scruffy dog named Whetta (or Blondie) who is draped across the landing.  After knocking on the grand front doors it becomes apparent by the barking inside that there are more furry friends to meet.  Once the door opens Valentine and Napoleon two more rescue dogs that have been adopted by the homeowner greet me.  After wading through the happy group of greeters I take in the awesome interior of this historical colonial home. 

Casa de Urbanos started out as the first Guaymas City Hall in 1850 and was in fact named after the military group that protected the city from invasion.  Today, it is home to architect and local historian Pedro Garcia Valdez, his wife, three sons, and the rescue puppies. 

Garcia, who returned to his native Guaymas in 1992, went on to found the Historical Society of Guaymas.   His interest is not only personal but also professional.  He attended UUAM the famous university in Mexico City and earned his degree in both architecture and urban planning.  After several years in Spain and Culiacan, he made the decision to return to his roots. 

The Historical Society lists 205 homes in downtown Guaymas as worthy of historical note.  You will see the crumbling walls of some of these homes as you drive near the area of San Fernando Church.  Fortunately, others have joined Garcia’s crusade and are committed to restoring these jewels so that this architectural history will not be lost.