As a designer I am aware of the effect of color in the interiors of our homes.  Much has been written on the psychology of color and even without these theories most of us know when we are in environments that we find pleasing to our senses. 

I was doing some research recently on the effects of color in urban planning and during this process came across some “colorful cities.”  For various reasons certain cities and towns have through either culture or city planning created environments rich with color and beauty.  The photo above demonstrates the cheery aesthetic of color on these oceanside homes.  The following photo is of the community of Bo-Kaap in Cape Town, South Africa.  Here we see the cultural influences of India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia.  What a treat it must be to walk the streets of this city and be greeted by this infusion of color each day! 

I am very fortunate myself to live in Mexico which is culturally very theatrical and colorful. One of the most treasured cities in Mexico is Guanajuato and from this photo below you can see one of the reasons for this acclaim.  Not only is it architecturally and historically rich, the colors of the city are beautiful. 

From the clothes we wear, to the interiors of our homes and the aesthetics of the towns and cities we live in, color makes an impact on our lives.    When we have the opportunity to become involved in urban planning it is important to take this into consideration for the benefit and enjoyment of all residents and visitors. 

Paint is an inexpensive way to change the image and appearance of a city.  Adding color to buildings with little architectural advantage is an excellent way to create mood and add energy to a community.  How lovely to project a feeling of color and joy into our environments, no?