Many people are under the impression that improving the appearance of their home costs a lot of money. However, with some creativity, a little elbow grease, and soap and water you can change the entire feel of your home’s interior.

One of the best ways to perk up your home’s appearance and appeal is to give it a good cleaning.  Spring-cleaning doesn’t have to be relegated to once a year.

Start by emptying out all contents of your cupboards and drawers and then give them a nice cleaning with soap and a touch of white vinegar.  This will eliminate any dust that has accumulated and leave your cabinets with a nice fresh aroma.  It also gives you a chance to de-clutter your cabinets!

Keep the vinegar handy and then proceed to the windows because there is nothing that brightens up a home more than clean, sparkling windows.  Next it’s time to dust off those shelves, fans, and decorative items.  Work your way through your home, room by room until everything has been cleaned from top to bottom.  This is not something that has to be done in one day and if you prepare a plan of attack beforehand the process moves along fairly quickly.  And, by all means…get the whole family involved!

Adding some new plants to your home’s interior is an inexpensive way to add life to your nice clean home.  If you have plants that aren’t thriving then it’s time to add those to your compost pile and start with new and healthy plants.  Dying plants, like a vase of dead flowers give the impression that the homeowners don’t really care about their environment and that effects your attitude as well.

Paint is another cost reasonable way to make a big difference in your home’s appearance.  If your current budget doesn’t allow for new paint then take a look in the garage and see if you have some leftover paint that might be used to paint an accent wall or repaint an existing wall that could benefit from a fresh coat of paint. 

Rearranging existing furniture is another great way to change the feel of your home and give you a new perspective. 

With some creativity you can make the most important changes to your home that provide the biggest benefits.  Living in a home that is clean, smells fresh, has healthy plants and newly painted walls will make you feel proud to be the Queen (or King) of your castle once again!