One of my favorite television programs is House Hunters International on the HGTV channel.  This show, as well as Curb Appeal: The Block both appeal to my sensibility as a Realtor and also as an interior designer. 

I watched a program the other day about a couple that live in London and were house hunting for a home in the south of France.  As they were touring the rooms of a potential home in France they made constant references to the furniture from their home in London.  They were concerned that the existing furniture might not fit into certain rooms of their future home.    This sparked a reaction in me (yelling at the television) for several reasons. 

Most importantly, your furniture, unless you have a dedicated architectural style in mind should not dictate the house that you buy. Why, if you are moving to a foreign country to begin a new life, in a new culture with a new architectural style would your primary concern be related to your old furniture? 

Please understand that I am a big fan of mixing up styles and when it is done well it’s fabulous.  However, if you are thinking of importing furniture from your winter home in Colorado (for example) to your new beach side Mexican home in San Carlos, well, I would suggest that you think about that twice.  I have been in too many homes where the furniture detracts from the home because there was little thought given to connecting the homes architecture and location to the  selection of the interior furnishings. 

Prior to moving full time to San Carlos I had a small loft in Old Town Scottsdale.  This was a fantastic modern building and I furnished this one room unit with Danish Modern furniture.  Blond wood, light fabrics, airy lighting fixtures …you get the picture.  However, when I moved to San Carlos and designed and built my home with a Spanish Colonial flavor I at no point considered incorporating any of this Danish contemporary furniture into my new home in San Carlos.   Not only were the styles completely different, I was also starting a new life, with a new home, and a new vision for my future.  Had a few pieces of my old furniture fit into my new plan then I might have considered utilizing those pieces.  However, I was not going to let furniture from another home dictate the interior style for my new home in Mexico.  

When you decide to make a move to Mexico it is more than just about the home.  You are moving to create a new life, in a new environment, and to fulfill a  dream.    Loading up a U-Haul trailer with odds and ends of furniture from your previous home is not likely to add to the feeling of the new beginning that you wish to create.  It is better to take your time and get acquainted with your new home, new environment, and climate before furnishing your home.  Or, better yet, make the choice to work with a designer who can guide you on the best furniture choices which suit the architecture of your home and the new lifestyle you envision.