As I have quoted many times before, small is the new big and this is especially true when many people search for their second or often, third home in Mexico. 

I recently had the opportunity to stage a small condo on the beach here in San Carlos.  This studio unit , with a gorgeous view of the Sea of Cortez went from stark to stunning with some well-known interior design tricks. 

Color:  Adding a neutral color to the white walls doubled the room size visually without adding one square foot.  Selecting larger furniture pieces in the same tone allowed the colors to blend, which also made the space, seem larger. 

Layout:  When arranging furniture in a small space it’s imperative that you keep the main walkway open and free of clutter.  This provides easy movement within the room and also allows more of the floor to show, which in turn creates the illusion of more space.

Reflective Surfaces:  Glass top tables and mirrors located to reflect the beautiful ocean view created a feeling of openness.

Lighting:  Where there is a window in a small space, make sure that it is clean and wide open to let the sunlight enter your small room.   Make sure that you have plenty of lighting sources from table lamps, floor lamps, recessed lighting or track lighting. 

Although small is the new big, you can make design choices that make your small space not only visually larger, but more comfortable for your lifestyle!