I just love it when I’m right!  I have listened to people for months talking about how the “sky if falling” and guess what?  The sky is not only not falling we are starting to feel a new energy in town and things are looking really good in Sonora and in San Carlos.   It could be my optimistic attitude that makes me weary of these naysayers or just the fact that sitting around complaining is just not my style.  It is my pleasure to set the record straight!

San Carlos continues to have many lifestyle attributes which I cover on a regular basis through my website articles.  This report will mainly focus on the economic and business climate in San Carlos and Sonora.

My Market Update for this quarter includes housing sales information retrieved from our MLS.  Keep in mind that private sales figures are not included in this total.

Real Estate Sales Up 38%!

2010 1st Quarter sales USD:     2,678,900.00
2009 1st Quarter sales USD:     1,642,000.00
Current Active Listings Single Family Homes:   216
Current Active Listings Condominiums:    74
Current Active Listings Lots:      151
Current Active Other:         5
The percent decrease between list price and actual sales price was 22% for the 1st Quarter of 2010 which is a reflection of the worldwide market. In comparison, many second home communities in the U.S. saw real estate values plummet 30-40% in the last few years.  Arizona, Nevada, Florida, and California were hit extremely hard.  In Spain and other international expat communities housing prices have fallen well into the 35-40% range. 

However, those markets are starting to rebound or at least, the bottom seems to have been reached and sales are up in most areas of the U.S.  The above sales numbers for San Carlos show the same scenario here as well and, in quite dramatic fashion. 
General Market News

#1:  Sonora’s new Governor Padres, as part of his “A New Sonora” agenda recently announced a state wide water infrastructure plan. This plan will ensure continued growth for the vast agriculture production in Sonora, which is considered the “bread basket” of Mexico as well as growth for the general economy.   Part of the plan includes a desalination plant in nearby Empalme which is big news for our local economy. 
#2:  Maquila (foreign owned factories) growth continues in Guaymas and Empalme.  I met with a man the other day that is moving from North Carolina to San Carlos and is a manager for a plant in Guaymas.  This US Company makes parts for the US auto industry and he said the rebound in the market has been staggering and they are so busy that for the first time they are going to be outsourcing.  This means more jobs and growth in our community.
#3:  Guaymas (15 minutes from San Carlos) has several other projects on the board including additional improvements to the Cruise line harbor, a new sports complex, and the new Walmart and Sam’s Club are due to open in 4 weeks.  It is rumored that Costco has already purchased land in Guaymas and they are coming to town also.  Again, this means more jobs and economic growth for our community.
#4:  The new Viva Aerobus flight between Las Vegas and Hermosillo has opened up an excellent travel option for homeowners in San Carlos and their visiting guests and family.  Many local hotel operators and tour companies are working with this new airline to coordinate package tours to San Carlos.
#5:  The new Pro San Carlos Association, of which I am a member, has plans for curb appeal programs to spruce up areas that need some attention within our community.  For example, several hundred students, residents, and business owners participated in the first Earth Day Beach Clean-Up project a few weeks ago. We have been working closely with government agencies to obtain their assistance in beautification efforts.

There are many more inspiring and positive things happening in San Carlos and Sonora however, I will save more of those for my next update!  Stand by for more good news!


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