One of the many things I love about living in San Carlos is that you just never know what interesting things are going to happen when you wake up in the morning. 

For example, yesterday I was in Guaymas driving to the fabric store on Serdan Street after a quick visit to Yossi’s Hair Salon.  I was mumbling to myself (yes, I do that on occasion) about the traffic being so slow.  All of a sudden I find myself driving next to the Carnival procession as they were entering Guaymas to set up their circus.  I was able to drive super slowly and I found myself a mere 2-3 feet away from lions, tigers…no bears…and, camels, zebras, and monkeys!  I was so close to the lions I could have counted their whiskers!

At one point I was stopped at a light next to an elephant with my window rolled down.  I started calling to him and he stuck his trunk in my window!

Now, I understand that elephants are a symbol of good luck in many Asian cultures and yesterday I was just sure he was a good luck sign for me.  How rare was it that I would find myself in the carnival procession with the opportunity to be so near to these gorgeous animals and, I had my camera with me! 

I usually anticipate lovely surprises throughout my days however, this was extraordinary and I’m anticipating extra good luck in the coming days!