I have listened to the argument on both sides of the city signage issue and my choice is clear.   No matter how much you think that those billboards and clutter of signs might help to advertise your business, they harm the environment as a whole and that in turn harms everyone’s business.  Internet advertising and word of mouth are a much better way to market your business.  And, that big billboard you plan on putting up just might backfire with the environment savvy public.

I live in the beautiful Mexican resort community of San Carlos, Sonora.  The views of rugged mountains, desert landscapes, and the Sea of Cortez delight my every day.  When I see that a business owner has erected another sign that mars the views for the rest of us, well…let’s just say I become a touch vocal.

Businesses are worried that unless they have a huge billboard or other signs around town that clients will be unable to find them.  The fact is that people do not find your place of business because of a huge sign; they find your business because you have provided directions using street names and other cues.
In my mind, unrestrained signage is no different than any other form of pollution.  A new sign blocking a view of Mother Nature is like a pile of trash on the side of the road.  It is a distraction and a form of disrespect for the environment and to our communities.

There are many movements across the world that are calling for visual pollution laws because many people are tired of having their architecture or views disturbed by signage.

A friend forwarded this youtube video to me today and it paints a word picture with great impact.  When people start paying attention and realize the impression that visual pollution gives to visitors they might come to understand that visual pollution is harmful to our environments.   The next time you are considering advertising your business or service consider the impact of your choice and remember, when it comes to signage…less is more!