Personally I believe that one of the keys to quality of life is access to amenities and, as a woman…and a “girlie girl” at that, having beauty services available is a big plus to quality of lifestyle.
Along with many other amenities and services in San Carlos, when it comes to all things related to beauty treatments, our small city comes through…yet again!
I have lived in many different cities in three different countries and am very familiar with living in large urban areas and I truly appreciate the quality of services we have here in San Carlos.  Considering that San Carlos is a resort area you would expect quality salon services and with the Chocolate Spa you will not be disappointed.  For those that are taking the short 15-minute drive to Guaymas again you will find full service salon services at Yossi’s at the Ley’s Plaza.
However, what you won’t often find in larger urban areas that we are able to obtain here  are beauty service providers that make house calls!    I have had haircuts, manicures, and pedicures in my own home as well as massages on my patio.    
It is great being a “girlie girl”, especially when you live in an area that caters to all things that we females love.  From a new hair color and cut to permanent makeup or a relaxing massage, life is good in San Carlos!