I often write design articles about the small things we can do within our homes in order to provide some much needed change with minimal effects on our pocket books.  I’ve written about the importance of  decluttering our cabinets, drawers, and closets and, I do practice what I preach!  My closets are  organized fairly well and I’ve donated 95% of the clothes that I knew I would never wear again.   I kept 5% just because they were too “cute” to give away, at least for now.

There is also another reason to clean out your closets and that is to make room for a few new items!  Again…this can all be done in the name of good design, especially if you buy new clothes that are color coordinated!  See how my mind works?

I usually make the short one-hour drive to Hermosillo every ten-days or so to see what is new at my favorite store, Liverpool’s.  Liverpool was founded in 1847 by Jean Baptiste Ebrard, a Frenchman who first started selling clothes in cases in downtown Mexico City.  Much of the merchandise was shipped via Liverpool, England, prompting Ebrard to adopt the name Liverpool for his store.   This department store, one of the largest in Mexico, is a cross between Nordstroms and Macy’s and has something for everyone.  This short video was filmed on a recent trip  so you can see for yourself!  Be sure and stop at the nearby Starbucks and get fully caffeinated before you begin your shopping spree!