The Colors of Mexico in San Carlos, Sonora

Paseo Alegre  is aptly named because a drive along this “Happy Path” is a joy to behold.  I came across this little lane recently and felt compelled to take out my camera and capture the personality that this color infused block of homes provides. I am a fan of energetic and bright colors and that [...]

Five Palms Restaurant, San Carlos, Sonora:  Breaking Records Against All Odds

When owner Nino Aidi told his friends and business associates that he was going to extend his Five Palm Restaurant chain to San Carlos they told him he was crazy.  They told him that this was too risky and the timing for opening a new restaurant wasn’t good however, they forgot that Nino loves the [...]

San Carlos, Sonora Home Inspections

It was a lucky day for San Carlos when Don Brame sailed into the San Carlos Marina seven years ago.  He wrapped up a lengthy sailing trip and moored his boat in San Carlos for several months with a plan to return the following year.    When he returned it confirmed his initial hunch that he [...]