We have seen from the first two quarters of 2010 that the real estate market in San Carlos is on the upswing…and in a big way!  In the 1st quarter of 2010 we saw sales increase by 38% from 2009 and, real estate sales doubled in the 2nd quarter!  We are anticipating a big increase in the 3rd quarter of 2010. In fact, more real estate transactions closed in July 2010 than in the entire 3rd quarter of 2009!

A buyer who is visiting from Tucson experienced first hand what is happening in our community.  By the time he arrived in San Carlos to look at properties, two of the condos that he was interested in had sold.   Today we were looking at another condo when we learned a full price offer had just been accepted by the sellers!

This is still a buyer’s market, however buyers must now come prepared to make an offer to take advantage of some of these great values and be ready to respond quickly.  The days of lingering over a  “good deal” are over.

Not only are the summer temperatures sizzling, so are the San Carlos real estate sales.  It will not remain a buyer’s market forever and the quarterly results attest to this fact.  When you come to San Carlos to go “house hunting” be sure and have your financing plans in order so that you can take advantage of this temporary market.  Vamanos!