For the past five weeks I have been in Portland, Oregon (my, how this city has grown up!) for personal and business reasons.  As I go about a typical day, I meet many people and the fact that I live in Mexico often arises in conversation.  The response is so fun because people love Mexico; they have either been to Mexico in the past, they are planning a trip to Mexico, or they dream of moving to Mexico.  I have heard all of the above comments during this trip and yet the comment that caught my attention was from a young hairdresser who said, “OMG…you are living the American Dream!”  I had to laugh out loud at this because many residents of the United States have been questioning recently what the American Dream really means.

As I ruminated over this comment it made me realize that the vision of living in a quaint oceanside community in Mexico is not the American Dream, it’s a universal dream!  People want to live a life where they feel they are truly living, not just wading through traffic, smog, overcrowded streets, etc. on a daily basis.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love city life and I head to the city on a regular basis for the amenities that larger cities have to offer.  I tend to get restless which is probably one of the reasons I live in Mexico.  In spite of the fact that a different culture can be frustrating at times, it also keeps me interested and engaged.

As stated earlier Portland has become a very  cosmopolitan and super progressive city and a testament to quality city planning.  I’ve seen many urban renewal projects that are inspiring as they relate to our own San Carlos Scenic District Initiative.

The time  away from San Carlos and hearing the perspective of Oregonians has been enlightening and provided me with a renewed appreciation of the lifestyle I have created in Mexico.  And, perhaps it is true that we are all living the Universal Dream in San Carlos!