I have had the pleasure of signing a few books recently on Tidbit’s behalf and, many of her books are being shipped to relatives and grandchildren of the book buyers.   The thought that Tidbit’s message was being shared across the world inspired me to begin asking people where they were mailing her book.   This is a small sample of where Tidbit is heading:  Japan, Buenos Aires, Montreal, Ontario, Colorado, New Hampshire, Alberta, Guadalajara, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, New Mexico, Florida, Oregon, Virginia and Massachusetts. 
The other day a man approached me and he said he was aware that I was interested in learning about the destination of Tidbit’s book.  He said that the book he purchased was being sent to St. Louis to the grand-daughter of one of the 1978 U.S. Iranian hostages.  This extra piece of information touched me very deeply and reminded me that we live in such a small world…that our words and intentions are important…and that I am so pleased that Tidbit can share her story of love and friendship with so many people in so many homes around the world.  Viva Tidbit!