As they say, nothing happens until something sells and the good news is that homes and condos in San Carlos are continuing to sell  and we are welcoming new neighbors into our community! Whenever a homeowner sells their home they can move forward with their life and on to new adventures.  As well, when someone buys their San Carlos home they bring new energy and new enthusiasm with them as well as add to our local economy.
I am pleased to present the real estate sales figures for the first two quarters of 2011 and have provided the correlating figures from 2010 for your reference. Note that MSP refers to the median sales price of the home, condo, or lot in each particular quarter.

2010 First Quarter Sales USD  2,678,900

Homes:   10 MSP 204,000
Condos:  1 MSP 180,000
Lots:        1 MSP 100,000

2011 First Quarter Sales USD  1,529,400

Homes: 7 MSP 135,000
Condos: 3 MSP 125,000
Lots:       4 MSP 35,000

2010 Second Quarter Sales USD 5,201,000

Homes: 13 MSP 280,000
Condos: 6 MSP 167,000
Lots:       5 MSP 47,000

2011 Second Quarter Sales USD 3,909,000

Homes: 10 MSP 156,500
Condos: 4 MSP 142,500
Lots:       1 MSP 425,000
There are approximately 3,000 single family homes and 690 condominiums in San Carlos. 
As of July 1, 2011 there are 254 single family homes, 89 condos, and 166 lots actively listed on the San Carlos Multiple Listing
The figures above are based on information from the San Carlos MLS and do not reflect any private sales or sales from Playa Blanca.
So, we wish a fond farewell to those that have moved on to new adventures and greet our new neighbors to San Carlos.  Welcome aboard!