I was having dinner at Blackie’s a few weeks ago and the restaurant was completely full which of course is not unusual for such a fine establishment.  However, what surprised me were all the new faces and, many of these people are new homeowners.  
Home sales continue to forge ahead and if the latest numbers (see graph below) are a predictor of the future, then we might be on our way to more growth in this area.  This would be welcome news because a growing real estate market bodes well for a healthy and stable economy. 
The State of Sonora continues to thrive and Ford Motor Company recently announced the 1.3 Billion USD expansion of their plant in Hermosillo.  This investment will create 1,000 new jobs.  This good news along with the continuing good economic news north of our border is refreshing and provides some much needed inspiration. 
The figures I have provided in the graph are totals of sales (USD) by quarter and includes lots, condos, and single family homes.  For more detailed analysis of today’s market conditions I encourage you to visit one of the local realtors for further information.  And, to our new San Carlos residents we say Bienvenidos!