Fall time in San Carlos is beautiful.  The hot, humid days of summer are starting to subside and you can feel the return of civilized temperatures.  And this fall we will be welcoming many new residents to our community. 
Real estate sales in 2012 continue to outpace 2011 and, in a big way.  The US economy continues to improve; the Sonoran economy is on fire.  Here are a few facts from a recent front page headline of the Arizona Daily Star.
• The Sonoran economy grew by 7.5% in 2011.
• It is the fastest-growing state with the fastest-growing middle class in Mexico.
• In July 2012, British turbine manufacturer JJ Churchill signed a lease for a new 9.6 million plant in Guaymas.
• The Port of Guaymas which received its first shipment of container cargo in February is doubling its size and capacity by expanding into the bay with neighboring Empalme.
The same article states that rising transportation costs and a desire for more oversight has high-tech manufacturers pulling plants out of China and opting for “near-shoring” in Mexico.
A healthy and growing economy benefits everyone and our real estate market also continues to demonstrate some healthy news.  Now, on with the numbers!
The real estate information listed below is from the local San Carlos Multiple Listing Service (www.sancarloslistings.com), MLS.  Please note that these sales figures do not include properties sold directly between seller and buyer or any other private transactions. 
Real Estate Sales for the 3rd Quarter of 2011=$2,457,700 USD
Real Estate Sales for the 3rd Quarter of 2012=$4,420,330 USD
This is an increase of 44%
Third Quarter 2012 Summary
Homes 12 sold at a median sales price of $175,000 USD
Condos: 2 sold at a median sales price of $102,500 USD
Lots:  6 sold at a median sales price of $99,500 USD
There are approximately 3,000 single family homes and 690 condominiums in San Carlos. 
Currently there are 251 single family homes, 85 condos, and 201 lots actively listed on the MLS. 
We welcome our new neighbors to San Carlos and if you have any specific questions regarding real estate please visit one of our local MLS member brokers!


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