We in San Carlos and Guaymas, Sonora have a lot to celebrate!  We wrapped up the 4th quarter of 2012 with real estate sales almost doubled from the year before and, we are starting off 2013 with good news on many other fronts!

The economy north of the border continues to stabilize and grow with real estate sales seeing an upswing and prices rising.  In fact in many communities home values have risen as much as 10-30%.  Even Arizona which was decimated during the economic crash is seeing rising home prices.  This is good news not just for the US but for those of us in Mexico.  It is always better to have a neighbor with strong economic health.

San Carlos Pueblo Escenico

The San Carlos Pueblo Escenico program continues to move forward.  Hugo Delgado, President and Walter de Cima, Secretary of the SCPE Committee attended a meeting recently in Hermosillo at the offices of Cofetur (Sonora tourism).  Also in attendance were representatives from both ITSON and Tech de Monterrey.  Both colleges were provided with a draft of an urban image plan for San Carlos and they have been asked to utilize their educational resources to expand and shape the plan.  They will submit their final plan along with a list of action items necessary in order to implement the new program.  The urban image plan will cover issues such as:

• Visual pollution

• Litter & trash

• Building standards

• Colorful building program,

• Bus stop design

• Graffiti removal and maintenance

• Night-time lighting program

• Burying electrical and telephone lines underground.

Guaymas Port Expansion

Mexican President Pena Nieto recently announced a big investment into the Port of Guaymas.  These funds will be used to dredge and expand the capacity of the Port in order to take on more cargo ships.  This project and expansion will create 10,000 new jobs which is a huge boost to our Guaymas economy.

San Carlos Real Estate Update

Now, on with the numbers!  The real estate information listed below is from the local San Carlos Multiple Listing Service (www.sancarloslistings.com), MLS.  Please note that these sales figures do not include properties sold directly between seller and buyer or any other private transaction.  I am also noting the 2011 sales figures for the same quarter for comparison.

Real Estate Sales for the 4th Quarter of 2011=$2,459,000 USD

Real Estate Sales for the 4th Quarter 2012=$4,210,550 USD

This is an increase of 48%

Fourth Quarter 2012 Summary

Homes:          9 sold at median sales price of $140,000 USD

Condos:         5 sold at a median sales price of $95,000 USD

Lots:               2 sold at a median sales price of $100,000 USD


There are approximately 3,000 single family homes and 690 condominiums in San Carlos.

Currently there are 263 single family homes, 87 condos, and 213 lots actively listed on the MLS.

We have many new programs underway in San Carlos and Guaymas that are focused on improving the urban image of our communities and growing our economy and, these two go hand in hand. We welcome our new neighbors to San Carlos and in the meantime if you have more specific questions regarding real estate please visit one of our local MLS member brokers!


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