Mayor Otto Claussen & SCPE President Hugo Delgado (right)

As they say, nothing happens until something sells and we have 22 new homeowners/landowners to welcome to San Carlos!  Maybe it is the beautiful Sea of Cortez and all of nature’s bounty that attracted these new residents or perhaps it is all the good news about Guaymas and San Carlos they find appealing.  These new homeowners not only add their personality to our community they also spur our economy by becoming tax payers, hiring local workers, and benefiting local businesses.   Whatever the reason we are happy to have them in the neighborhood!

As mentioned above and noted in my 1st Quarter 2013  Update, there is an abundance of good news in San Carlos and Guaymas.  The San Carlos Pueblo Escenico (Scenic Town) Committee has  presented the Urban Image Plan for San Carlos to Guaymas Mayor Otto Claussen and  he  has embraced and adopted the program.   For more information on San Carlos Pueblo Escenico and to show your support please visit

Now, on with the numbers!  The real estate numbers listed below are from the local San Carlos Multiple Listings Service (, MLS.  Please note that these sales figures do not include properties sold directly between a seller and buyer, Playa Blanca, or other private transactions.

Real Estate Sales for 2nd Quarter 2013                              $5,599,500 USD

Homes:          17 MSO 226,000

Condos:         1 MSP 175,000

Lots:               4 MSP 112,500


-MSP refers to the Median Sales Price.

-There are approximately 3,000 single family homes and 690 condominiums in San Carlos.

We wish a warm welcome to our new neighbors and look forward to meeting you soon!