For many people spring cleaning takes place, well, during springtime, but when you live in San Carlos it’s a different story.  We have not endured a long, cold, snowy, rainy winter, so we continue to enjoy the more moderate temperatures when spring arrives.

When summer arrives we have the benefit of warmer ocean water so it’s a great time to enjoy water sports and a great way to cool off.  Once back in our homes, however, it’s air conditioning time, and that continues until, well, just a few days ago.  Spring arrives for us when we can turn off our air conditioning for the last time until next summer.

This is also the time of year that seasonal residents start returning to their winter homes.  Garages, closets and drawers are opened up that have been closed for months.  We get the urge to purge!  And, not to rush things, but the holiday season will be here before you know it. Perhaps, you have family or friends coming to visit and you want your home shiny clean and inviting?

While we are discarding the old we start to think about untended projects that we have had on our “to do” list around the house.  Maybe it’s time to spruce up the paint, tend to the garden, plant some flowers and generally freshen up.  It might be time to rearrange the furniture, add some accessories and art work.  Small changes can make a big difference and don’t require a big budget.

The key is to get your “to do” list in order and then start checking things off your list one at a time.  Before you know it you will have your spring cleaning complete and you will feel better about your home and proud to open the doors to friends and family.  Now, let’s get that list started!