Janey McLean

Janey is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada and holds a FM3 working Visa in Mexico. Janey relocated to San Carlos in 2006 and has been a full time resident since that time. Prior to her move to San Carlos she was a seasonal resident of Alamos, Sonora. Janey has a degree in interior design and has designed and constructed many homes in San Carlos. Her combined personal experience of buying and selling property in Mexico as well as designing and building in Mexico, are a great offering to her clients. Janey is a graduate of the first class offering licensing for Realtors required by the State of Sonora. She is an agent with Long Seaside Realty and is an active member of AMPI and the San Carlos/Guaymas MLS.

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The last new hotel that opened in San Carlos was the Hotel las Glorias, now Marina Terra, which debuted 25 years ago. Former Director of Sonora Tourism, and business promoter, Hugo Delgado negotiated the hotel deal 25 years ago, and he has brokered the latest hotel addition coming to San Carlos. Design plans are currently [...]

Spring Cleaning in September?

For many people spring cleaning takes place, well, during springtime, but when you live in San Carlos it’s a different story.  We have not endured a long, cold, snowy, rainy winter, so we continue to enjoy the more moderate temperatures when spring arrives. When summer arrives we have the benefit of warmer ocean water so [...]

San Carlos Five Year Real Estate Summary

Over the Christmas holidays  I had the pleasure of taking a Mexican road trip, it was fabulous!  Mexico is a gorgeous and diverse country rich in history and color.  We visited several popular beach side resorts, and I was even more convinced that San Carlos is a real jewel.  With little to no traffic, comfortable [...]

San Carlos 2nd Quarter 2013 Real Estate Sales Reach Almost 6 Million USD!

As they say, nothing happens until something sells and we have 22 new homeowners/landowners to welcome to San Carlos!  Maybe it is the beautiful Sea of Cortez and all of nature’s bounty that attracted these new residents or perhaps it is all the good news about Guaymas and San Carlos they find appealing.  These new [...]

Rising Real Estate Sales Continue Upward Climb in 1st Quarter of 2013

In 2012 we saw real estate sales climb on average 40% from the previous year and, it looks like 2013 will remain on this upward trend.  The much improved US economy and the solid economic climate in Sonora are two key factors. Many communities north of the border are not just seeing real estate prices [...]

San Carlos, Sonora 4th Quarter 2013 Real Estate Sales Double from 2012!

We in San Carlos and Guaymas, Sonora have a lot to celebrate!  We wrapped up the 4th quarter of 2012 with real estate sales almost doubled from the year before and, we are starting off 2013 with good news on many other fronts! The economy north of the border continues to stabilize and grow with real [...]

Hugo Delgado, President of San Carlos Pueblo Escenico

To say that Hugo Delgado is an interesting man is an understatement.  He speaks five languages (Spanish, English, French, German and Italian), is a trained chef and has had his hand in almost every major project in San Carlos.  Born in Mexico City he decided he did not want to join his father’s tannery business.  [...]

San Carlos, Sonora:  Real Estate Prices are Up, Up and Away!!!

Fall time in San Carlos is beautiful.  The hot, humid days of summer are starting to subside and you can feel the return of civilized temperatures.  And this fall we will be welcoming many new residents to our community.  Real estate sales in 2012 continue to outpace 2011 and, in a big way.  The US [...]

There were a lot of new faces in the local San Carlos restaurants this past winter and that is because we have a lot of new homeowners!  The 2012 real estate year has begun in high gear as you will see from the numbers below.  In spite of many provocative news headlines that might catch [...]

Beyond Aesthetics:  How Billboards Affect Economic Prosperity

The title of this article is also the title of a study by Jonathan Snyder which was published in December 2011.  Mr. Snyder, an urban planner and researcher conducted this study with a grant from the non-partisan Samuel Fels Fund of Philadelphia.  He sought to answer the questions of what impact  billboards have on real [...]