San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico:  Nature & Design

A recent article caught my attention and it reminded me of the compatibility between design and nature.  This story is about the 20 year effort by the City of Paradise Valley, Arizona to eliminate all electrical power lines and bury them underground.  Having lived in this beautiful area I can tell you that it makes [...]

San Carlos, Sonora 2010 Real Estate Summary!

Well, here we are at the end of another year and, what a year it has been!   As the clock strikes midnight tonight it is a good time to decide who we wish to become in the New Year and how we wish to create positive changes in our world.  After all, it does start [...]

San Carlos, Sonora:  2010 2nd Quarter Market Report

Those of us who live in San Carlos already understand the quality of life that she provides; we enjoy the benefits of small town living with big city amenities.  Within minutes of our homes we can be on the beach, playing a round of golf, or hopping on a boat to go fishing or racing with [...]

San Carlos Pueblo Escenico Initiative

This Initiative requests that the Sonoran State Government create the new designation of Pueblo Escenico for San Carlos based on our natural scenic beauty and the importance of creating and maintaining San Carlos in an environmentally clean and visually pleasing manner. We are proposing that San Carlos become the first State  community awarded this designation [...]

Buying Property in San Carlos:  New & Improved Trust System

Seven years ago when Broker Karen Stewart began her real estate practice in San Carlos she says the trust system was an arduous and grueling ordeal.   The trust documents had to be completed before a transaction could take place and it could take months and months.  Sellers and buyers alike became frustrated waiting for paperwork [...]

Sonoran Governor Padres Announces Major State Water Restructuring Plan
Mortgage Free Living in Mexico

How many times have we “signed over our life?”  I’m referring of course to what we say as we sign the mortgage loan papers on a home purchase.  I’ve done it many times myself and I can honestly say I will never do it again. How can I make such a statement with such confidence?  [...]

Design & Signage  in Mexico

Whether we are aware of it or not design affects all aspects of our lives.  Design is not only a function of space planning it is also a visual art and aesthetics play a key role in good design. Your home’s design and aesthetic appearance are a reflection of you, your culture, your personality and [...]

San Carlos, Sonora Real Estate Licensing

I’m a fan of continuing education in fact; I went back to school as an adult to earn my degree in interior design. So, when the State of Sonora enacted Law 150 in 2006 that required licensing for all real estate professionals I was not opposed to heading back to the classroom. The classes were [...]

Governor lends insight on vision to the south by Keith Rosenblum – Oct. 31, 2009 Sonora, the Mexican state that shares a border with Arizona, has a new governor, Guillermo Padrés Elías. His election was a breakthrough for plural democracy in Sonora, ending a long run of single-party governance. Here are excerpts from his interview [...]