This two-bedroom, two bath home was constructed with quality and creativity in mind.  Gorgeous views from every window of the Sea of Cortez and Tetakawi Mountain from the expansive terraces.  This is the ideal home for entertaining your family and friends.  This home captures the charm of Mexican coastal living and offers every comfort and [...]

This extraordinary 2,731 sq. ft. home is perfect for Mexican resort style living.   The beautiful fountain in the entry courtyard greets you as you enter this Mexican resort style home.  This home is ideal for a couple who wish to entertain family and guests or, for two couples who wish to maintain their own private [...]

Mortgage Free Living in Mexico

How many times have we “signed over our life?”  I’m referring of course to what we say as we sign the mortgage loan papers on a home purchase.  I’ve done it many times myself and I can honestly say I will never do it again. How can I make such a statement with such confidence?  [...]

Originally designed to accommodate an art gallery along with the owner’s private residence, this home is ideal for a live/work arrangement.  Situated within walking distance to the San Carlos Marina this property affords many varied opportunities.  For those adventuresome people that dream of opening a small restaurant, art gallery, or gift store this property is [...]

Alamos, Sonora, Mexico

Founded in 1681 this “Pueblo Magico” is enchanting from the moment you trod upon the cobblestone streets.  Alamos provides all of the historical character and architectural interest of other Spanish Colonial cities in Mexico however, this Colonial Gem of the Sierra Madre is within an easy day’s drive of Tucson, Arizona.  Restored Spanish courtyard homes line the [...]

San Carlos, Sonora Real Estate Licensing

I’m a fan of continuing education in fact; I went back to school as an adult to earn my degree in interior design. So, when the State of Sonora enacted Law 150 in 2006 that required licensing for all real estate professionals I was not opposed to heading back to the classroom. The classes were [...]

Nov 132009
Building in Mexico

When I tell people that I have built two homes in San Carlos a conversation usually ensues that involves questions about what it is like to build in Mexico and how much it costs.  I am familiar with building and remodeling in the U.S. and Canada and I have found some things similar and others very [...]

When you drive the cobble stone lanes of the Caracol in San Carlos, Sonora you are reminded of the hillside communities of Greece or Italy.  The hills are dotted with colorful homes drenched with bougainvillea.  Within a few feet of the secluded beach of the Caracol peninsula are two adjoining lots that are ready for [...]

Mexico travel vacation ideas improve: Sonora Coastal Highway

Land development is paving the road for travelers in Mexico once again as Government Officials recently announce a whopping 5 Billion MXP 2010 infrastructure budget. The Sonora Coastal Highway which at one time seemed like a desert mirage is now, years later, becoming a reality. The multiphase road project is somewhat modeled after California’s beautiful [...]

Cost of Living Comparison

I am often asked about the cost of living in Mexico, in particular San Carlos. I thought the best way to explain this is by comparing the cost of living to an ocean side community in the United States. If we are going to make this a true comparable it needs to be a community [...]