San Carlos Real Estate:  The Heat is On!

We have seen from the first two quarters of 2010 that the real estate market in San Carlos is on the upswing…and in a big way!  In the 1st quarter of 2010 we saw sales increase by 38% from 2009 and, real estate sales doubled in the 2nd quarter!  We are anticipating a big increase in [...]

Homes as Nest Eggs Back in Vogue

Real Estate is still a sound investment. Just when you thought investing in real estate was old news…guess again.  I just finished reading an article about the real estate market in Munich, Germany and real estate sales in this area are up 10% .  The article stated that real estate sales are up because of [...]

San Carlos, Sonora:  2010 2nd Quarter Market Report

Those of us who live in San Carlos already understand the quality of life that she provides; we enjoy the benefits of small town living with big city amenities.  Within minutes of our homes we can be on the beach, playing a round of golf, or hopping on a boat to go fishing or racing with [...]

Five Palms Restaurant, San Carlos, Sonora:  Breaking Records Against All Odds

When owner Nino Aidi told his friends and business associates that he was going to extend his Five Palm Restaurant chain to San Carlos they told him he was crazy.  They told him that this was too risky and the timing for opening a new restaurant wasn’t good however, they forgot that Nino loves the [...]

San Carlos, Sonora...Ready, Set, Shop!

I often write design articles about the small things we can do within our homes in order to provide some much needed change with minimal effects on our pocket books.  I’ve written about the importance of  decluttering our cabinets, drawers, and closets and, I do practice what I preach!  My closets are  organized fairly well [...]

San Carlos Pueblo Escenico Initiative

This Initiative requests that the Sonoran State Government create the new designation of Pueblo Escenico for San Carlos based on our natural scenic beauty and the importance of creating and maintaining San Carlos in an environmentally clean and visually pleasing manner. We are proposing that San Carlos become the first State  community awarded this designation [...]

When it Comes to Signage, Less is More!

I have listened to the argument on both sides of the city signage issue and my choice is clear.   No matter how much you think that those billboards and clutter of signs might help to advertise your business, they harm the environment as a whole and that in turn harms everyone’s business.  Internet advertising and [...]

Lions & Tigers & Bears in San Carlos!  Oh, My!

One of the many things I love about living in San Carlos is that you just never know what interesting things are going to happen when you wake up in the morning.  For example, yesterday I was in Guaymas driving to the fabric store on Serdan Street after a quick visit to Yossi’s Hair Salon.  [...]

San Carlos Real Estate Sales Up 38%, 2010 1st Quarter Market Update

I just love it when I’m right!  I have listened to people for months talking about how the “sky if falling” and guess what?  The sky is not only not falling we are starting to feel a new energy in town and things are looking really good in Sonora and in San Carlos.   It could [...]

Buying Property in San Carlos:  New & Improved Trust System

Seven years ago when Broker Karen Stewart began her real estate practice in San Carlos she says the trust system was an arduous and grueling ordeal.   The trust documents had to be completed before a transaction could take place and it could take months and months.  Sellers and buyers alike became frustrated waiting for paperwork [...]