When you are ready to buy a home in San Carlos, Sonora it is important to work with a buyer’s agent to assist you with the purchasing process.

While traveling in Umbria, Italy several years ago, my girlfriend became interested in buying a home. Knowing nothing about the process of buying real estate in Italy we contacted an American Buyer’s Agent doing business in Italy. She would never have imagined trying to buy real estate in a foreign country without the assistance of an agent who is well versed in the laws and customs of the country…and neither probably would you. She also found it important to work with a Realtor who was totally dedicated to her interests as a buyer and who understood the culture of North America and could explain the cultural nuisances of doing business in a foreign country.

My friend’s home buying excursion led us to uncover many interesting things about buying in Italy; things that had to do with the laws and the vast cultural differences.

I also have a friend who has bought homes in Spain and buying in Spain is another situation where the wise person would not purchase real estate without counsel.

Mexico is no different than Spain or Italy in this regard. If you are going to purchase real estate in Mexico it is imperative that you work with a professional Buyer’s Agent; and in the State of Sonora all realtors must be licensed by the State.

This brings us to the purpose of my website. The goal of sancarlosjaney.com is to provide you with a resource for someone like yourself who has decided to enjoy the expat lifestyle in Mexico. I offer a glimpse of some of the homes available in San Carlos, discuss interior design, and share information about lifestyle matters in San Carlos from places to visit to restaurant reviews.

However, as informative as I believe the website is, nothing takes the place of meeting in person. Let me know when you will be in town and I’ll look forward to helping you with the home buying process!