Mexican Interior Design

Have you ever walked into a house and the “ahhhh ambiance” felt like home? If so, then planning, creativity, and thought likely went into the design process that caused your reaction.

If you want help taking your home from bland to the next level, I’d be happy to help.  I love design and I love helping people.  No project is too small, and often small changes can make a big difference.

Entry Before

Entry After

Listed below are a variety of design services that I offer to help you create the Mexican lifestyle that you have envisioned.

  • Design Consultation
  • Re-design or re-mixing
  • Home Staging
  • Color Consultation
  • Space Planning
  • Furniture & Accessory Selection
  • De-cluttering and Organizing
  • Project Management


Condo After

1. Design Consultation This service consists of a minimum one-hour consultation. I will consult with you in your home to review your design dilemmas.

“Janey spent one hour with us and in that time we were able to select a color for our fireplace, re-arrange some furniture and accessories. These changes made a big difference”. The Herman’s.

2. Re-Design The latest trend in home improvement is not about consuming more but, simply reviving and editing what you already have. Re-design is an approach to improving the look and feel of your home or business using what you already own. Re-design is commonly used by people who are interested in a fresh look without the expense of making major furniture purchases. Why not re-design and re-invent your personal living space using your existing belongings? This is also a great service for homeowners that are moving furniture from a home in the US or Canada and incorporating these pieces into their home in Mexico.

“We worked with Janey to help us re-mix the furniture and art work that we already had in our home. The changes she made gave us a fresh new look and we are really pleased”. The Hoselton’s.

3. Home Staging If you have your home on the market it is more critical than ever that your home look and feel clean, organized, and inviting. In order to capture a potential buyer’s attention you need to show your home to its best advantage.

“A client of mine had asked me what I thought would help sell their condo in La Posada and I told them that if we could get it staged, it would make a huge difference. They agreed and I asked Janey to help me with the staging and to keep it in the budget that the Seller had set. She transformed the condo from bland to beautiful and within 2 months of the makeover, it was sold. Janey was wonderful to work with and does a very professional job. I highly recommend her Interior Design services.” Karen Stewart

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

4. Color Consultation Many people have their home arranged to their satisfaction but, would like to add some color or change the color. Paint is the least expensive way to generate a big impact on a room’s mood.

“We hired Janey to help us with color selection for the interior of our home. We were very pleased with the selection process and very happy with the results.” The Ellwoods

5. Landscape Consultation In Mexico our outdoor living spaces are an extension of our indoor space. Perhaps you want help with exterior design and would like ideas on how to obtain the best curb appeal possible for your home or how to create an outdoor entertainment area.

6. De-cluttering/Organizing When a home’s belongings have been stationary for too long, and you accumulate clutter, the space can become stagnant and lack energy. Often what is needed is de-cluttering and re-organizing your existing furniture and accessories. Perhaps you want help sorting through closets, cabinets, or even your garage? This task can seem insurmountable and it helps to have someone help you through the process.

“Janey was instrumental in helping us to de-clutter and re-ogranzie accessories and memorabilia in our home. Things look and feel much cleaner and more open now”. The Hoseltons

Guest House Before

Guest House After

7. Project Management Many people find the idea of coordinating projects for their home to be frustrating and would rather spend their time pursuing other activities. I am available for project management on either a small or large scale.

“We hired Janey to assist with coordinating several projects we wanted to complete in our home. Janey also had the relationships with quality workmen and craftsmen that worked on our project.” The Ellwoods

Call to make an appointment for a design consultation and let’s get your project started.