San Carlos Pueblo Escenico

Protecting San Carlos’ Natural Beauty

The San Carlos Pueblo Escenico Urban Plan was adopted by the Guaymas City Council in late 2014.
The purpose of this urban plan is to improve the visual appeal of San Carlos, protect the environment and improve the image and livability of San Carlos for everyone.  This plan addresses the following issues:
•Visual Pollution
•Trash & Litter
•Building Facades
•Vacant Lots
What can you do to help?

Promote the San Carlos Pueblo Escenico urban plan in the following ways:
1.Adopt-a-Beach-volunteer with Clean Up San Carlos, or other organizations.
3.Help a small business owner with Paint and new signage
4.Set up a fundraiser to raise funds for various projects.
5.Visit the SCPE Facebook page and “like” the page.
Business Owners

Urban Plan Proposal

•Please voluntarily remove billboards that are within the city limits of San Carlos.
•Please voluntarily restrict the signage on your building to one sign and not to exceed 25% of the total square meter of the front of your building.
•Please voluntarily maintain signs on the front of buildings in good repair, free of graffiti and other maintenance issues.
•Please voluntarily restrict the exterior signage height so as not to exceed the roof line of your building.
Building Facade
Please keep your building facade in good repair with fresh paint, free of litter and graffiti.
Vacant Lots
Please keep vacant lots free of trash and weeds.
Let local business owners know that you appreciate their efforts on behalf of this urban & environmental plan “Like” San Carlos Pueblo Escenico on our Facebook page so we can share our message.
Enjoy your stay in San Carlos and come back soon!
For more information visit:
San Carlos Tourism Center
Address: Plaza Arrecifes
Phone: (622) 222-7428
SCPE, President, Hugo Delgado
Phone:  622 103 5236