San Carlos Pueblo Escenico

This Initiative requested that the Sonoran State Government create the new designation of Pueblo Escenico for San Carlos based on our natural scenic beauty and the importance of creating and maintaining San Carlos in an environmentally clean and visually pleasing manner.
We  proposed  that San Carlos become the first State  community awarded this designation for the purpose of urban beautification, generating positive news media, creating a unifying brand for our  community, and attracting economic growth by appealing to tourists, developers, investors and maquilas.
This new idea for Sonora is progressive, positive, and completely possible while providing benefits for tourism, development, economic growth, the State of Sonora, and Mexico.
The Pueblo Escenico Initiative was adopted by Sonora Tourism (COFETUR) and provides a tremendous opportunity for San Carlos, Nuevo Guaymas.  Passage of this Initiative will place San Carlos as leaders and visionaries of Sonora and Mexico.  As the first community to receive this designation we will become a pilot program for other Scenic communities across Mexico and provide them with the foundation to establish and adopt the Pueblo Escenico program.  The City of Guaymas also adopted the Initiative and the SCPE Committee is working with the current administration to implement the urban plan. The benefits to San Carlos and Guaymas are immense and at the same time we can help to effect positive change throughout our country.
Although Pueblo Escenico is similar in certain ways to Pueblo Magico, it differs for the simple reason that Pueblo Magico is for towns and communities with historical and architectural significance.  What San Carlos offers is extreme natural beauty consisting of several eco systems: the mountains, the desert, and the sea of Cortes.
By adopting Pueblo Escenico we provide a platform to ensure the following:
-An environment that is clean and uncontaminated.
-We help to ensure that our beaches and thus ocean is clean of litter and other trash and routinely maintained.
-Our views are kept free of visual pollution which allows clear views of Mother Nature.
-A structure which will create a self-sustainable foundation from which to administer and operate the program to ensure its long term success.
-The marketing and promotional benefits of this Initiative are immediate and long lasting.  When a community announces they care about their environment they attract more investors which in turn create more job opportunities.
-San Carlos Pueblo Escenico compliments Guaymas with its history, the architecture and the Cruise Lines to name a few.  Together we have everything to place ourselves center stage in Sonora and Mexico.
We in San Carlos are graced with the natural beauty that has been provided by Mother Nature and we want to respect her beauty and educate and encourage others to do the same.   Pueblo Escenico is our means to this goal!  Vamos!

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